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"V" Downspout Funnel, Rectangular

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Downspout Funnel

Do you have two downspouts that you want to tie together and bring down as one? This "V" funnel is designed to do just that.

There is a 'seam' that runs down the back of the unit. To complete your order we need to know what direction your "V" Funnel is facing.

"V" Downspout Funnel for bring 2 downspouts together

"V" Downspout Funnel

  • Only the "V" is provided.
  • Fabricated from high quality aluminum
  • Two sizes to choose from:
    2" x 3" - 11" tall x 8.25" at its widest point - 1.5" gap
    3" x 4" - 13.5" tall x 10.5" at its widest point - 2" gap
  • 14 Colors Available
  • Contact us for volume discounts
  • Don't forget the downspout straps and screws

Color options (click to see larger image)
Color chart for downspout diverters

White and Royal Brown are always in stock - All other colors are custom and will take a few days to fabricate for you :-)

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