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Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet, 6" K White

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Wide Mouth downspout funnel front viewWide Mouth downspout funnel side view

Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet for clog free 6" K gutters

Download the template from this link: Template It will print an opening to be cut: 6.5" wide and 3." front to back. You MAY need to modify your printer setting to allow the full image to print

Allow the water in the gutter to drain faster and keep your gutters clog free with a drain outlet that is many times larger then the typical gutter drop outlet. This gutter to downspout water funnel outlet should be installed with pop-rivets instead of screws for cleaner look. The back slips up the backside of the gutter tray next to the house and stabilized with a screw or two . There will be NO raised lip inside of the gutter's bottom to restrict the water or debris from entering the downspout. A very low tech idea that solves 2 very important issues - residual water in the gutter and debris that gets caught on the raised lip of the traditional drop outlet.

You paid good money to have those gutters installed and most of the time they are holding back water and debris. Increase the volume of water and the amount of debris that leave what your gutters with this wide mouth downspout outlet funnel.

A long time ago we found a product very similar to this one. It's made of plastic. If you were not very careful when you installed it, they cracked.


Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet made from .027 low gloss white aluminum

Two sizes to choose from:

5" K gutter
6" K gutter
Made from .027 aluminum
Low gloss white is stock. 25 piece minimum for custom color run
Can be primed and painted.

gutter profile image of 5 and 6 inch K style gutters




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