Installation of RainBox rainbarrel

You will need a level, shovel, landscape fabric, construction sand, pea gravel, hacksaw, screwdriver, drill with 1.75inch hole saw bit.

Installation RainBox rainbarrel

Remove the top layer of soil to a depth of at least 6 inches.

Line the depression with landscape fabric.

Fill with a mix of pea gravel and construction sand.

Place flat stone (ie: patio block) on gravel and level this surface.

Installation RainBox rainbarrel

Place the Aquabarrel RainBox on the flat, level surface.

Drill out overflow port on the correct side of the RainBox.

Install an elbow and point it towards the ground.


RainBox installation

Measure up from the top of the RainBox and mark the location to cut the downspout. Cut downspout and install downspout elbows, downspout diverter or flexible hose.

Dig a trench wide and deep enough to accomodate your 2 inch PVC overflow pipe.

RainBox ain barrel installed

After laying pipe make sure the pipe runs downhill away from the home and RainBox.

Completed installation of RainBox rain barrel

Backfill the hole and replace the sod.

No returns

We are unable to accept a RainBox for return. This product may not be shipped inside of a wasteful cardboard container. It may attain a few bumps, bruises or scrapes during transit. None of these cosmetic imperfections will effect the barrels ability to hold liquid.

* 48 States Only - Other areas please email for pricing before placing your order.
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