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Cistern Screen Cover

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This Cistern Screen Cover provides additional filtering by keeping the area covered and secure where water directly enters the cistern.

Tank Covers with 955 micron mesh are legally required in some countries and regions (including many Australian states) to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your tank, ensuring a secure system. Tank Screens are installed in tank inlets to keep mosquitoes and other pests out but to allow water to pass through at full flow. Keeping insects and debris from getting through or landing on the screen is best done with this cistern screen cover.

Keep sunlight out

Sunlight is a vital ingredient for algae growth. The Tank Cover minimises algae contamination by stopping sunlight from entering your tank through the inlet screen.

Let water in

Because it’s placed over your tank screen and your inlet pipe fits into it through a cut out hole, the Tank Cover does not interrupt the flow of water into your tank.

Install with ease

Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply cut out one of the perfectly-sized, predefined pipe inlet holes and install the Tank Cover over your tank screen. You can even secure it to the tank screen using the predefined screw holes.

12 inch and 16 inch covers are slightly different

Cistern Tank Cover 12 inch 1

16 inch Rain Harvesting Tank Cover

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