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I know what you're thinking. All you wanted was a rain barrel and now look at all the decisions you're faced with. With so many choices, how does one decide which one or what parts to buy? 

We've put together some questions to ask yourself that will help you determine what rain harvesting products you might need to complete your rain barrel project. If you're still unsure, just send us a couple of photos of where you think the cistern or rain harvesting rain barrel will live and we'll help you figure it out. 

Are you just looking for a set of DIY instructions to build your very own rain barrel? 

If you already have a plastic barrel do you just need the right rain barrel parts kit to convert it? 

Want the largest container that takes up the least amount of space? The SlimLine are 17 to 21 inches deep

Need something larger, smaller or one that goes under a deck?

What is a Downspout Diverter and why do I need one? Because a rain barrel should not collect rain water during freezing conditions. The 60 and 80 gallon rain barrels have a seasonal diverter built into them.

Why do I need a downspout filter? IF you do not have a gutter cover to reduce the amount of particulate matter coming down the downspout, you should have some type of large debris filter.

How do I get from the downspout to the top of the rain barrel? Most folks are looking for an easy way to jump from the downspout to the top of a rain barrel. Use this flexible pipe

I want to bury the 4 inch landscape pipe. But what about erosion at the end of the landscape pipe? The solution to capping off the buried landscape pipe is our DrainBox.

Do you have a large cistern and want to divert the first flush of rain water from the roof? Check out these Australian made first flush roof washers


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