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Splash Block Diffuser

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Reduce downspout erosion with a better splash block

Slow the speed and reduce the force of the rain water exiting your downspout with the Downspout Splash Block Diffuser.

Ok, so we finally get that much needed rain. However with a heavy downpour, there often arises a common landscape problem: washout. This happens most often at the bottom of downspouts, especially during heavy rains. In this common problem, the gutters collect the roof runoff and channel it down the downspout, the result of which is something like a powerful jet stream of water eroding the ground beneath your downspouts. Soil and mulch don't stand a chance, even stones can get moved around as the high velocity water is jettisoned into your yard or onto the driveway. Buy this downspout splash block and slow that water down.

The Splash Block Diffuser will be shipped assembled and ready to be installed on a 3"x4" downspout. If you have 2"x3" downspouts, you will need to screw the supplied 2"x3" adapter into place on the back of the Splash Block. Colors for this Made in America product can be found in the drop down menu.

Downspout Splash Block Diffuser See inside We have pulled the lid back to expose the inside of the Splash Block Diffuser. The series of 'teeth' work as baffles to slow the speed of the water and distribute it over a wider area. The holes in the floor of the unit allow you to use spikes to help hold it in place in addition to securing it with screws to the downspout elbow.



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