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Downspout Filter, SlimLine, 3x4 fit Vinyl Downspout

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This SlimLine Downspout Gutter Filter uses a 3x4 White Vinyl downspout with an aluminum filter basket. There are several types of adapters to choose from to fit your size downspout pipe.

This offering includes the adapters to convert the top and bottom to mate to the 3x4 vinyl downspout. This is NOT a sealed unit. You may experience some leakage around the front opening especially when there is a heavy precipitation event

Filter Media, Winter Cover Plates and Accessories for the SlimLine Downspout Filter

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SlimLine downspout filter for 3x4 Vinyl downspouts


Tired of clogged underground landscape pipes or damaged mesh filters on the top of your rain barrel?

Keep leaves and other large debris from entering or landing on the top of your rain barrel and clogging up your fine screen mesh with an Aquabarrel Slim Line Downspout Filter.

Remove the debris from your downspout before it becomes a problem for your rain barrel or underground pipes!

Features and Benefits:

  • Downspout filters are installed in-line on your downspouts where you can reach them.
  • Catches debris larger than 1/8".
  • Removable sturdy aluminum basket.
  • Great for filtering downspouts that empty into rain barrels, water containment systems or underground drainage systems.
  • No screens to get damaged or need replacing.
  • 3" x 4" body x 12" tall - The adapters will lengthen your overall measurement!

Do your downspouts empty into a landscape pipe or underground drain? Here is a simple solution to collect leaves and large debris and keep them from clogging your underground drainage pipes. Aquabarrel® downspout filters have 1/8" diameter holes allow for rain water to flow through while trapping larger downspout clogging leaves and debris. The additioinal filter material can be inserted to reduce noise and capture smaller particles.

Are the sticks and leaves exiting the downspout damaging your rain barrel screens? Use a downspout filter to collect the large debris before it can get to your rain barrel and destroy your rain barrel screens. Aquabarrel® and EarthMinded® rain barrels benefit from having this downspout filter in place to minimize debris entering the rain barrel.

Clean as often as necessary to minimize build up and clogging.

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