Shipping Policy:
All orders are shipped within two (2) business days of receipt. We are currently using USPS, UPS and FedEx. Customers orders shipped via a track-able carrier method will receive an email with the tracking number included. If an order cannot be filled within the time frame of two business days, an email or phone call will advise you as to when the product(s) will ship. If there is a delay, you have the option of canceling your order and receiving a refund or allowing us fulfill your order as soon as we are able.

Return policy:
IF you ordered a tank and it is delivered by a motor carrier inspect while the driver is present. IF you find damages that will effect the function of the product DO NOT ACCEPT Delivery. Take images if you are able and mark the delivery paperwork as Refused and be specific about why too! It is VERY difficult to get a claim started if you have accepted delivery of a damaged product. We are unable to accept rain barrels and cisterns for return or exchange.  These products and others  may come to you with previously attained bumps, bruises or scrapes from transport. None of these cosmetic imperfections will effect the products functionality nor a containers ability to hold liquid.

All other products are subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee and must be in 'like new' resale condition. (Why? You ask.....  the cost of human resources to intake, evaluate and create the return. The Postal Service and the credit card companies do NOT offer discounts or refunds on their services either. We are too small to absorb those costs. ) Returns are at the expense of the buyer if Aquabarrel is not at fault. Also like Amazon we too feel that 30 days is enough time to evaluate a product and determine if it is right for you. You must submit a Return Authorization Request to return an item within that time frame. We will generate a Return Authorization Request confirmation email and will follow up with a full Return Authorization Number (RAN) within 1-3 days. The RAN must be placed on the shipping label on the outside of the box or shipping container. Failure to do so would add to the amount of time it takes to research.  Items returned without the RAN or not considered in 'like new' resale condition will be disposed of without a refund. So please measure twice, order once :-)


Amazon Return Policy for Aquabarrel Sales:

Aquabarrel has been offering products since 2006 on the Amazon platform. Amazon continues to find ways to make their buyers stay on their shopping site and shifting more of the costs onto us third party sellers. We abide by their rules for returns - and they change often.

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