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Guardian Tank Screen Cover

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Guardian Tank Screen Covers

Keep the light out of the tank and debris off the tank screen.

The Rain Harvesting Tank Screen Covers prevent light entry into the tank and help keep debris off the tank screen.

Light will stimulate the growth of algae in stored water and therefore it is necessary to exclude as much light as possible from the interior of the tank to minimise algal growth.

Features & Benefits

• Sits on top of the tank screen
• Can be secured to the tank screen using the predefined screw holes
• Two pipe inlet cut out holes
• UV Stabilised Polypropylene
• Help prevent algae growth in rainwater tanks


  1. If necessary, install an elbow so that the pipes feeding your tank are angled down towards the tank screen.
  2. Using the provided cutting guidelines and tin snips or a hole saw, cut a hole (or holes) in your solar shield to fit the pipe/s and/or elbow/s feeding your tank.
  3. Lift the pipe/s and/or elbow/s and manoeuvre the Tank Cover into place over your tank screen.
  4. Push the pipe/s and/or elbow/s through the cut holes to maintain a sunproof barrier over the tank screen and ensure all water flows through to the screen.




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