Simple math equation to estimate how many gallons are filling your gutters.




For every 1 inch of rain falling on 1 square foot you can expect a yield of about 1/2 gallon of water

So lets take a basic ranch home that is 20' x 75' = 1500 square feet. That would give you 750 gallons to deal with. Now divide by how many downspouts; lets say one on each corner (4). 750 /4 = 188 gallons per downspout. Simple right :-)

In many cases most folks have no idea how many gallons are collected and shoot out the downspout. We hope this helps to give a good start with your calculations.

Now do you see why we offer overflow ports that are able to handle a large volume of overflow water? Smaller containers can fill rapidly and without a larger enough overflow port will - well just overflow the top of the barrel making a horrible mess.

Also since it is not likely you will be able to empty the container prior to the next rain we suggested you plan on a capture rate per downspout of 2.5 inches.  That means that a single downspout is generating about 470 gallons of water! Yikes!

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