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Downspout First Flush Filter Sock

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This reusable downspout First Flush Filter Sock provides a final, impenetrable barrier when it comes to clean and pure rain water supplies. They are designed to keep out anything that might get through the mesh basket on your tank!

Installation is very straight forward. Remove the Guardian Filter and slip it into the First Flush Filter Sock. Bring your fill pipe or downspout over to the top of the Guardian Filter. Pull the First Flush Filter Sock up over the fill pipe and secure in place. The First Flush Filter Sock portion sitting underneath the Guardian Filter Basket means that all water gets maximum filtration before entering your Rainwater Tank. 

Water runs through the Guardian Filter Basket and then runs through the filter sock bag as a second filtration. 

The First Flush Filter Sock bags are 100% reusable and easily cleaned. It is recommended that your First Flush Filter Sock be cleaned of the small particulate matter by washing in the washing machine 2 – 3 times per year )after you have turned it inside out and cleared it of all the large debris). This will keep it clean and working in perfect order.

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