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Bell End 3x4 Downspout Gutter Elbows

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Bell End Downspout Elbows 30 degree, 45 degree, 75 degree, 90 degree

What is a Bell End Elbow and why whould I want to pay more?

Many folks have difficulty with reducing the size (crimping) of the 3x4 downspout so that it looks professional. Having a downspout that looks all mashed up is embarassing and unsitely. Maintain the professional look of your downspout installation by having Aquabarrel enlarge the one end. Enlarging the elbow allows you to more easily slide your 3x4 downspout into these 3x4 elbows with little or no crimping! Why be frustrated trying to crimp your downspout? For just a bit little more you too can have a  professional looking downspout installation. 

The elbows are available in either Style A or Style B profile.

  • Low Gloss White Only
  • Fits standard USA downspouts - you might have to crimp or squeeze the end a little to fit into the bell end but not nearly as challenging as our standard elbow!


'A' Downspout Elbow

"A" elbows take the extension straight out to you as you face your downspout.


'B' Downspout Elbow

"B" elbows are shaped so that as you face your downspout, it will bend to the left or right of the downspout.

Made in the USA


Height and Width are NOT exact! Made by hand with machine assistance each elbow will be very close to 90 degree and about these heights and widths.


90degree Style B elbow with measurements90degree 3x4 A elbow with measurements





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