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Cistern Super Filter and Overflow

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The Maelstrom Cistern Filter is the latest breakthrough in Rain Harvesting technology and is designed for high catchment efficiency, high flow rate management and super fine filtration (5 x finer than a traditional tank screen). Easy installation in new and old systems, compatible with tank top, in-tank, in-ground, or wall mounted systems.


1. A single point, tank-top filter with a ground breaking U-shaped design.
2. Multiple Barriers (2mm and 180 micron) filter particles 5 times smaller than is achieved with a standard tank screen.
3. Reduces the hassle of cleaning leaf and debris build-up through Self-flushing.
4. Blocks out light, replacing tank screen and solar shield.
5. Is a versatile product, able to be installed in a variety of pre-tank locations.
6. Reduces frequency and cost of tank cleaning by lowering common sediment build up through cleaner tank water.


1. Rainwater enters the Maelstrom through either of the horizontal-facing couplings.
2. The rainwater then enters the Primary Filter (J). The unique curved filter slows the velocity of the water by changing the direction of its flow.
3. Surrounding the Primary Filter is a Secondary Filter (C), comprising of a nylon mesh bag which filters fine particulates larger than 180 micron. This filter assembly is easily removable and will require periodic maintenance.
4. The filtered rainwater then continues to move through the Maelstrom to the Filtered Water Outlet (F) and into the rainwater tank or pipe (if attached).





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