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AquaPress Cistern Pump

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AquaPress pumps are compact, fully automatic pumps with internal controls to start and stop based on the pressure in the hose line. When the internal control senses the drop in pressure in the hose it turns on. When you release the sprayer handle or turn off the spigot the internal control senses the increseased pressure and shuts the pump off.

Additionally the internal controls also stop the AquaPress cistern pump when it does not sense water running through it. This run dry protection would be helpful if you were to leave the spigot open and drained the tank dry by accident or you have an automatic timer on the pump but the tank is now empty. It will periodically attempt to re-start the pump until water pressure is restored.

This is a self priming cistern pump. Many cheaper cistern pumps require water be poured into them to get them started.

A small internal pressure tank prevents the cistern pump from cycling often if there is a minor leak or drip.

Three versions of the AquaPress pump are available: 1/4 hp or 1/2 hp will operate a hose or small landscape irrigation system. The 1hp is best for larger irrigation applications.

These AquaPress cistern pumps must be installed in a well-ventilated location that is sheltered from rain and high enough off the ground to protect it from flooding.

Standard features of the AquaPress cistern pump include stainless-steel shafts, ceramic/ carbon mechanical seals, and 6 ft power cords.

Sound levels on this cistern pump are very low too.

Maximum water temperture is 104degrees F.

AquaPress cistern pump features:



As for installing the pump with a surface tank, the main thing you need to do is to make sure you prime the pump upon start-up. It is also good to limit the length of the suction line from the pump to the tank. Make sure not to induce an air pocket by having the suction line exceed the invert of the pump between the tank and the pump.

Before plugging the pump in, initiate priming by removing the red filling plug on top of the pump and fill the water chamber. Once all plumbing connections have been made and the water chamber has been filled, plug in the pump and slowly loosen the filling plug. Leave the filling plug open for approx. 1-2 minutes to make sure all air has been removed from the line, then tighten and close.

Here are a few additional guidelines --

When used outside, the pump needs to be covered by a weather-proof housing that is well ventilated. The pump has built-in dry run protection, but it is important to turn off the pump when water is not available.

When installing threaded plumbing fittings, make sure to use at least 2 turns of teflon tape on each joint.

If the pump detects a flow rate less than 0.7 gpm for 8 seconds, dry-run conditions for 2 minutes, or a temperature alarm, it will shut off to protect the pump and rest for 10 minutes before trying to restart. If this occurs three times and still there is no water, the pump will rest for 1 hour prior to attempting a restart. If an unusual pump shutdown occurs other than the prescribed situations, you may unplug the pump for approx. 7 seconds and reconnect to initiate a restart of the system.

It is important to routinely check the mesh screen and internal check valve inside the suction inlet of the pump. To check the discharge screen and internal check valve, disconnect the pump and follow these instructions:

  • First, remove the chrome face plate on the suction inlet by removing the two hex bolts securing it to the pump.
  • Next, remove the black gasket and mesh screen. The gasket seats in a round groove, and must be placed with the ribbed side in this groove when replacing the gasket.
  • Remove the mesh screen from the backside of the gasket and clear any debris that may be stuck in the mesh. Also, using your finger, gently depress the spring loaded check valve inside the suction inlet, which is oriented perpendicular to the ground. This will confirm that it is not stuck and/or working properly

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