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  • 75 gallon storage capacity
  • Small foot print 20" x 24" x 42"
  • 2"od diameter overflow port on each side
  • 2"od diameter bottom port on each side
  • Built-in debris filter
  • Garden hose shut off valve
  • Child safe design
  • 100% recycled plastic
  • UV-resistant polyethylene
  • Multiple units can be connected in series
filter media RainBox One Filter Media that fits into the top hole of the RainBox is included. Additional filter media are available
Child Safe feature or RainBox is an X accross the opening Notice the "X" shape in the top of the RainBox. This is a "child safe" feature that is molded directly into the RainBox. The Filter Media sits in that recessed space on top of the "X". A bolt holds the Filter Media in place.
rain box rainwater storage system

All the "ports" are molded closed. You will need a 1.75" hole saw drill bit, to 'open' them.

At least one 'top port' is to be drilled open and used as an overflow port.

Aquabarrel RainBox overflow elbow This is the flexible elbow that is used to direct the overflow from a drilled out 'top port'. This elbow can be purchased using the drop down box above. The overflow pipe that connects to the elbow can be 2 inch PVC. This can purchased at your local hardware or plumbing store.
Aquabarrel RainBox Installed Typical installation steps for the RainBox can be found on this page
275 gallon configuration of rain box rain barrel system

More details and an exploded view shown in this 1.2MB .pdf

When ordering multiple RainBox be sure to purchase Couplers if you intend to connect one RainBox to another in series ( in the drop down menu ).

If you are ordering one RainBox or multiples that will be lined up in a row, every order should include one overflow kit: elbow and a black 48inch long overflow pipe.

4 RainBox Rain Barrels installed in Washington D.C.

This product will not be shipped inside of a wasteful cardboard container. It may attain a few bumps, bruises or scrapes during transit. None of these cosmetic imperfections will effect the barrels ability to hold liquid.

* 48 States Only your order.


Made in the USA from nearly 100% recycled plastic


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