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Tank Depth Monitor, Float

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Tank Level Monitor, Float No wires, probes, dipsticks - Just a simple float

Suitable for all vented tanks up to 8 feet in height

Quick and easy to install

RainHarvesting's Tank Guage, Water Level Indicator, uses a simple float on a nylon string instead of connecting to electric or battery to operate. Yes it is just that simple!

The kit consists of a display head with a rubber washer, tank float, a couple of screws and the instruction sheet. The nylon cord is already connected.

Available Water Level Monitor Downloads:

Needed Installation Tools:

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Hole saw or Drill Bit & Drill
    for a 1.25 inch (32mm) Hole

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install - simple DIY product
  • Seals directly to the tank
  • Suitable for all existing and new tanks
  • No batteries or wiring required
  • Easy to read dial face with 'empty and full' indicators
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • UV resistant
  • Suitable for all vented tanks up to 2.5metres (100inches) in height
  • Able to be securely installed on a wide variety of tanks shapes
  • Utlilzes a reliable float system
  • Can be calibrated to all tanks
  • Distilled water used in floats
  • Empty and full indicators allow for a more meaning full measurement than a numbered dial (due to rainwater tanks widths and styles)

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