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TurboRain, Solar Powered Pump Kit, Manual

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We offer the best plug and play water pumping kits for irrigation. It does not get much easier than this; drop the wand into the tank and connect to the intake of the pump; connect the hose to the pump discharge; attach solar panel to the control box to charge the battery.

Aquabarrel TurboRain Manual Timer Solar Powered Pump Kit includes:

  • Pump, maximum 30 minute mechanical timer, and all wiring / controls contained within handy, weather resistant carrying case.
  • Easy connect / disconnect for fast transfer to secondary rain barrels or tanks.
  • Capable of 6 foot Pull of water from source to pump.
  • Capable of pulling water horizontally for long distances from lake or pond water source.
  • Includes 30- minute maximum mechanical timer. Manual set, auto shutoff.
  • Includes 3.3 gallon per minute diaphragm pump with 40 psi pressure shut off.
  • Includes 18- amp hour, 12- volt SLA battery with safety strap.
  • Includes 20 watt solar panel with easy connect to Turbo Rain. Additional 20- watt solar panel may be integrated into system.
  • Includes charge controller to monitor battery voltage.
  • Includes quick clean filter, easy “snap” connections, and 6 feet of water pick up tubing.
  • Irrigate your property, then your neighbor can borrow Turbo Rain for their irrigation needs.
  • Turbo Rain component warranty 1 year from ship date, pump warranty 4 years from ship date.

Don't have great sun where the tank lives? No worries, just disconnect the hoses and move the controller box and solar panel to a sunny spot. Don't have a sunny spot? Go to the ACCESSORRIES page

Features and Benefits:

  • All the components fit nicely into an exterior grade box.
  • Battery re-charges from solar panel technology
  • External and easy to clean pre-pump filter
  • Automatic shutoff at 45 PSI
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Operates with drip irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers
  • Minimal Assembly Required
  • Developed and designed in the USA

Cistern nor rain barrel are included in the price - yes, we really have to say this :-(

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