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Downspout Diverter, SlimLine

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SlimLine Downspout Diverter for rain harvesting

Have a tight space where our "Y" downspout diverter will not fit? Then here is your answer! The SlimLine Downspout Diverter is easy to install and use.

To divert the water coming down the downspout just lower the elbow.

Summer view of the SlimLine Downspout Diverter to fit 3x4 downspouts

The body of this SlimLine Downsout Diverter is the same as your 3x4 downpipe. The diverter stands about 12.5 inches tall.

Yes, we now offer this 3x4 diverter with the 2x3 reducers installed at the factory.

Winter is coming or you no longer wish to divert the rain water to the elbow - Flip the elbow up and secure it in place with the storage cap.

Winter view of the SlimLine Downspout Diverter to fit 3x4 downspouts


To install first hold the diverter next to the downspout where you'd like to install it. Mark the top and bottom of the diverter on the downspipe with a pencil. Now move your pencil lines closer to each other - one inch down on the upper line and one inch up for the bottom mark. Keep in mind the existing downspout is fitting into the top about one inch and the bottom of the diverter should slide onto your existing downpipe by about one inch. Since the SlimLine Downspout Diverter is about 12.5 inches tall you will be cutting out a section of your downspout that is about 10.5 inches.

Yes, you can add elbows and sections of downspout pipe to get to the rain harvesting container





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