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Rainwater Pillow 1,000 gallons

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Rainwater Pillow is designed for under deck, porch or in the crawl space.

  •  1,000 gallon storage capacity
  •  Foot print 10' x 8' x 2.5' tall (when full)
  •  2 filters (9" x 9")
  •  .5 horse power pump
  •  Remote control
  •  Fittings and hoses for ease of installation
  •  Made from reinforced polymer alloy.
  •  Seams are radio frequency welded.
  •  Instruction booklet and DVD included.

Irrigation demand pump: Carton size 25x12x13 33lbs

Garden hose pump: Carton size 10x10x18 18lbs

Fittings: 4 filters, aeration, fittings, hoses Carton size 20x20x25 30lbs

1000 gallon pillow: Carton size 12x12x30 50lbs
3000 gallon pillow: Carton size 30x16x20 91lbs
5000 gallon pillow: pallet 200lbs

These are all sizes and weights from real orders but each shipment can vary with all of the above. This is only and estimate and your shipments could vary.



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