Already have a disfunctional rain barrel? Order these parts to upgrade your existing rain barrel to function like an Aquabarrel rain barrel.

Rain Barrel modified with Aquabarrel rain barrel parts
rain barrel overflow port by Aquabarrel rain barrel
Rain water overflowing out the top of your rain barrel?

Install our HUGE multi—part overflow port.

Hole for side of barrel is 3.5" in diameter. Requires a minimum 4.125" hole in the top of barrel for installation of retaining ring inside the barrel.

Read more about this unique overflow port here

Rain Barrel Overflow Port

6 inch round filter vent for a rain barrel Super Sized 6 inch Filter Screen

Need to increase the size of hole to allow water to enter? Looking for a something other than a cheap plastic strainer?

Aquabarrel offers an all aluminum 6 inch, double screened, filter that drops into the top of the barrel.

The base screen is .25 x .25 and the top screen a finer mesh - like window screen.

Look here to see what one looks like installed on a DIY rain barrel

Screened, 6 inch, Round, Water Inlet / Vent

bung plug Bung Plugs
Missing a bung plug or need an extra to seal your tight head barrel? Order one from Aquabarrel.

Check the threads because there are two types: coarse and fine

Bung Plugs

bulk head fitting ABS Plastic Bulkhead fittings. Use these ABS plastic fittings when placing a hole through your plastic container.

These ABS plastic fittings have been used for years in the boating industry. The water tight seal is provided by the supplied rubber washer. Install the washer on the 'water side' of the container. Instruction sheet PDF 8MB

Metal fittings and plastic barrels do not interface very well. Use this ABS plastic fitting for a longer life connection through your barrel.

Bulk head fitting

bulk head adapter .75 inch nipple Garden Hose to Bulk Head Adapter

This adapter has fine threads on one end to screw into the bulk head fitting or the hose attachment site of the 80-gallon "Abe" rain barrel.

The other side has coarse threads that fit your standard garden hose and also the Aquabarrel Full Flow Garden Hose Ball Valve.

Garden Hose to Bulk Head Adapter

Full Flow Garden Hose Ball Valve, Metal

Garden Hose Full Flow Shut Off Ball Valve, Metal

This full flow ball valve's body is Aluminum - stands up to lots of abuse
No other ball valve this size, allows so much water to run through it.

Garden Hose Full Flow Ball Valve, Metal

Full Flow Garden Hose Ball Valve

Garden Hose Full Flow Shut Off Ball Valve, Nylon

Made from nylon - it's built to last.
No other ball valve this size, allows so much water to run through it.

Garden Hose Full Flow Ball Valve, Nylon

Brass hose bibb - shut off valve

Solid Brass Hose Bibb
Made from brass so it will not rust. Easy to remove handle for future parts replacement.
One end is threaded for .75inch pipe and the outlet end has traditional garden hose threads.

Brass Hose Bibb

bulk head fitting with hose bibb Side hole bulk head group
Need to put a drain in the side of your barrel? Using a bulkhead fitting is an easy way to accomplish this. Save when you buy the bulk head fitting and brass hose bibb together.

Side Drain Group

Bulk head fitting and fittings to drain water from the bottom of a rain barrel Bottom hole bulk head group
Want to drain through the very bottom of your barrel? Order this group of parts: bulk head fitting, elbow, adapter and full flow shut off valve.

Bottom Drain Group

downspout adapter The downspout adapter fits into the top of the Aquabarrel Rain Barrel.

The opening in the top is about 3" x 4"
The round bottom is about 4"
It is designed to accept the 3x4 end of the White Flex Pipe.

Downspout Adapter 3x4x4

Do Not Drink Sticker for your rain barrels Do Not Drink Sticker Size is 3 x 4.5inches tall

Do Not Drink Sticker

Contact Us if you have any questions before you place your order. Returns require prior written authorization. All returned parts will be inspected and must be in saleable condition. Returns subject to 25% restocking fee.

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