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Tired of listening to the water run as someone is brushing their teeth or soaping up their hands? Stop paying for thousands of gallons of wasted water.

Smart Faucet - Faucet Shut Off Kit

The secret for stopping all that wasted water from rushing down the drain is our NoFlow Faucet Aerator™ Shut Off Kit. Gently push the lever back and the water flows. Let go of the lever and the water is shut off.


  • A quality product Made in the USA
  • No special tools needed to install on your existing faucet
  • No batteries or electrical hook up like infrared
  • Handle is treated with CIBA® IRAGUARD® B 100 (antimicrobial)
  • Plastic and chrome versions are available


  • Reduce water waste - reduce your water volume as much as 15,000 gallons per year for each installed Faucet Shut Off Kit
  • Stop leaks from worn out faucet handles
  • Preset the temperature water mixer and forget it
  • Perfect for nursing homes, daycare centers, assisted living facilities, recreation vehicles, barns

Faucet Shut Off Kit includes:

  • One NoFlow Faucet Aerator™ body
  • Adapter and "O" ring for female threaded faucets
  • Instruction Sheet

NoFlow Faucet Aerator Kit

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So how much water runs through a typical bathroom faucet?
Standard Faucet Aerator NoFlow Faucet Aerator™ Savings
General 2.5gpm 1.5gpm 40%
Washing Hands 1.0gallon 0.4gallons 60%
Shaving 1.0gallon 0.5gallons 89%
Brushing Teeth 2.0gallons .3gallons 90%
Dripping Faucet 20.2gallon 0gallons 100%

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