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flexible downspout pipe

Downspout Flex Pipe

  • Flexible White Plastic Pipe
  • 25" expands to 50"
  • 2"x3" end slips over downspout. The other end fits into the downspout adapter on the top of the Aquabarrel rain barrel.
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Downspout 'Y' Funnel

Downspout Funnel

Downspout funnels allow you to link two downspouts together.

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Downspout Straps

Downspout Straps

Install your Downspout by securing to your building with Downspout Strap.

Available in sizes for 2"x3", 3"x4", or round downspouts.

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Drainbox landscape water drainage


Tired of having that unsightly 4" landscape pipe, that's hooked to your downspout, snaking across your lawn?

Bury it and send to the box, DRAINBOX!

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downspout 90 degree elbows

Downspout Elbows

True 90o downspout elbows. Most downspout elbows found in the hardware stores are about 65 to 70 degrees.

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Downspout Splash Block Diffuser See inside

Splash Block

Reduce downspout erosion with a better splash block. Slow the speed and reduce the force of the rain water exiting your downspout with the Downspout Splash Block Diffuser.

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