Aquabarrel Sentry(TM) - Downspout Filter and Diverter All-In-One

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All-In-One Sentry(TM) Downspout Filter - Diverter.
Protect your rain barrel with the Aquabarrel Sentry(TM) all-in-one downspout filter and diverter.

There are only a handful of rain harvesting products that can filter large debris AND offer seasonal diverting. No other downspout diverter filter - diverter is as easy to install. The Aquabarrel Sentry(TM) another great idea to simplify your rain harvesting.

No more flipping levers or having to remember what position the downspout diverter is in. The large decal on the end of the tube shows you what position you are in!

The top section is a large, removable, lift out, easy maintenance, filter basket. Since you are placing the Sentry(TM) at the level of the barrel the filter basket and diverter are located in a much easier location to reach.

The mesh screen inside reduces the volume of large debris from getting any further down the downspout. Why would you want debris to continue down the downspout? It is only going to clog the downspout at some point. If you have an underground drainage system you'd have to find a way to get the debris out. That's an expensive and time–consuming job.

The bottom half consists of a shallow reservoir and overflow port. This combination directs some of the rain water into the hose headed out to your barrel and when the rain barrel barrel is full or it is raining too hard, the reservoir For the Sentry(TM) to work properly you MUST make sure that the hose from the Sentry(TM) to the container is perfectly LEVEL! If the Sentry's(TM) water outlet hole is placed too far below the entry point on the rain barrel NOTHING will happen. Water does not run uphill. If you place the Sentry(TM) to high the water will overflow the barrel and never back up into the hose so it can run down the inside of the downspout.

Rain barrel Inline Downspout Diverter Here is a cut-a-way view that allows you to see in from the side. The filter basket is in the top half. To capture smaller debris then our regular Slim Line Diverter basket this basket is lined with a metal screen that looks very similar to window screen. The basket does not take up the entire space within the enclosure. Should the basket be full of debris the water is able to flow around the basket.

Below the basket is a funnel hole to the lower chamber. The water is directed to the center of the lower chamber.

The bottom half is where the rain water will move out through the fitting and hose to your rain barrel.
  • Fits 2x3 and 3x4 downspouts

Don't forget to order downspout straps.
Offset Downspout Diverter for Rain Barrels Looking in from this angle, the rain water overflow outlet comes into view.

Once the rain barrel has reached capacity, the water cannot flow into the barrel or if it is raining so hard that the hose cannot keep up the water needs a place to go. The rain water heads out the internal overflow port and down the downspout - minus a lot of debris that would clog the downspout further along.

Made in North America from the same high quality metal materials that your downspout is made from. Aluminum is much "greener" than plastic units that will break down in time from UV exposure. Our materials can be recycled.

Installation is quick and requires basic hand tools:
    a level
    hacksaw to cut the downspout pipe
    screw driver
    a drill and drill bit to cut the small hole in the barrel for the hose
    pencil to mark where you will cut the downspout
Don't forget the downspout straps.
Aquabarrel Downspout Filter and Diverter Sentry Your Aquabarrel Rain Barrel Downspout Filter/Diverter Sentry(TM) will NOT have clear or open sides. Those images are provided to allow you a peak inside.

What is included:
  • Low Gloss White ONLY, Filter Diverter Box with lift out debris collection basket
  • Removable 3x4 to 2x3 funnel adapter
  • Garden Hose Adapter
Not Included:
  • Garden hose or other hose to connect the Sentry(TM) to the rain water container
You may want to add a shut off valve to keep the rain water from entering the hose during freeze conditions. Otherwise just remove the hose from the barrel, evlevate the hose so water can not run out of it and winterize your barrel.
Installed Aquabarrel Sentry Filter Diverter Box This is an image, supplied by a customer, of a unique installation.

This installation used threaded PVC parts to go from the diverter to the rain barrel. It is possible to run just a garden hose from the Sentry to a barrel.

The shut off valve is close to the tank to shut it off the water flow when they are not at the property for long periods of time. In cold weather locations we would suggest you keep the rain water from entering the hose at the box with either a shut off valve, screwing in a plug or elevate the hose so the water cannot run out of it during freeze conditions.

You MUST use a level to ensure that the hole in the barrel and the bulkhead fitting on the Sentry are exactly level. If the barrel is to high then water cannot run uphill to get into the barrel. If the barrel is to low then the water will never back up the hose to overflow to the inside the Sentry Box. What will happen is the water will oveflow the barrel.

One last thing to take note of: The downspout is 3x4 and the pre-attached reducer funnel is used to connect it to the Sentry Filter Diverter Box. If this were a 2x3 downspout you would remove the inlet 3x4 reducer as shown in the image abve this one.

Bulkhead Fitting

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Made in North America

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