Downspout Diverter - "Y" Part Only - Canada

This is the basic downspout diverter "Y" for Canadian Downspouts

Downspout diverters allow you to manually redirect the flow of water. Just a flip of the lever sends the rainwater down one side or the other.

Canada Y Downspout Diverter for Rain Barrels

"Y" Downspout Diverter - Splitter for Canada

  • Only the "Y" is provided.
  • Two sizes to choose from:
         67MM X 67MM (2-5/8" X 2-5/8") Small Square Downpipe
         75MM X 75MM (3" X 3") Large Square Downpipe
  • The 67mm is about 26.7cm tall and 16.5cm wide
  • The 75mm is about 29.2cm tall and 19.7cm wide
Only Polar White or Chestnut Brown Available. However, since this a baked on finish it is possible to use a very high quality spray paint to change the color!
Downspout Diverter - Y only Chestnut Brown Canada

Made in the USA

Downspout Diverter Canada, "Y" Only

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