Want to purchase just a plastic barrel?

We stock several refurbished barrel types. We are also able to obtain other container types for a variety of purposes. Contact us with your requirements.

photo plastic 55 gallon and 30 gallon barrels

We are usually able to obtain additional sizes, colors and designs of barrels. These are the most common sizes available to us. Not all barrel sizes or colors are available at all times.

  • 30 gallon with two (2) bung plugs as shown 19.5" x 30" Blue, White
  • 55 gallon with two (2) bung plugs as shown 23" x 36" weight 29 pounds

Barrels Only

Call or e-mail for current shipping charges to your Zip Code!

image 275 gallon steel cage tank image shut off valve 275 gallon tank image fill neck 275 gallon steel cage tank
40" x 48" x 48" = 275 gallon, steel caged plastic tank.
Call or email for current prices on these large tanks.

Some uses for plastic barrels:

  • storage of used motor oil
  • storage of non-flammable liquids
  • storage of biodiesel
  • wash tank in your biodiesel production process
  • composter
  • floating boat dock
  • boat motor rinse tub
  • animal trap
  • animal shelter
  • garbage container
  • cooler for that keg
  • sand/salt for that steep icy driveway
  • planter
  • water feature
  • play equipment
  • table (just attach a top and throw a table cloth over it)
  • bottom portion of a snowman display
  • under the bed retirement account/ piggy bank
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