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Sentry, All-in-One Seasonal Diverter and Filter

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55 gallon barrel with Aquabarrel sentry installed

Install the Sentry on ANY rain harvesting container (like a 55 gallon barrel or the IBC tote)!

Bring all the water from your downspout to your container and once filled the excess water will drain thru the bottom of the Sentry. Connect either 4 inch PVC or landscape pipe to send the overflow away from the area

In the winter rotate the tube so water bypasses the container and goes straight thru the diverter box and out your overflow.

Aquabarrel's Sentry installed on an IBC Tote

The diverter is made from 100% recycled materials thus the Black color!


You will need to supply the inlet and overflow hose and any additional drains or fittings for your container.

Rain barrel Inline Downspout Diverter

Installed Aquabarrel Sentry Filter Diverter Box

Aqaubarrel Sentry Downspout Filter and Diverter for rainbarrels

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