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Dedicated to supporting Water Conservation through the use of Rain Barrels.

Barry's Bio (pdf)

Barry is interviewed by Dr. Sam Hancock, Director and Host of The EmeraldPlanet television program

Barry is interviewed by the British Embassy USA's Channel at GreenFest DC2009 and explains the concept of the Aquabarrel Rain Barrel Business.

What inspired you to start your business?

While watering the plants in my yard with the garden hose one day, my wife asked if I knew what a rain barrel was. To my dismay, I had to admit that I had no idea what she was asking about. She explained the concept. With my interest peaked, I spent many hours researching on the Internet. Finally I decided it was possible to make my own rain barrel.
Following the traditional concepts of a rain barrel, I proudly made my own.

When the first thunderstorm came I was giddy with excitement as the traditional rain barrel began to fill. I never paid attention before to just how much water could accumulate during a rain storm. My excitement turned to shock as the barrel, now filled with rainwater, was overflowing out the top of the barrel, running down the sides and pooling at the foundation of our home.

Watching this soggy disaster unfold, convinced me that a few significant modifications were in order. Working with my original rain barrel quickly taught me the flaws in the traditional design. Periodically you needed to drain the barrel of the 2 or 3 inches of residual water or sludge in the bottom of the barrel, or open a mosquito harvesting business!

Every time I needed to water my yard with the traditional rain barrel, I was faced with challenges that left me saying. 'There's got to be a better way'. I built a number of rain barrels with an assortment of modifications. The current Aquabarrel® is the result of correcting several serious failures found in other designs.

What was your “green spark?”

Al Gore’s movie and regional water restrictions coinciding with my wife’s great timing of asking what I knew about rain barrels created the ‘Green Spark’ that ignited this business idea.

What are your goals for the future of your company?

Promoting Aquabarrel® is not only good for the environment, good for the local economy, but it also extends the life of an existing plastic barrel that was headed to the landfill or shredder. Our continued success and growth provides jobs and reduces infrastructure costs within the local storm water districts.

We plan to continue to bring new and innovative high quality environmental conservation solutions to the public.

If everyone did just one thing to preserve the environment, like collecting rain water for watering their plants and lawn, we believe we will extend our natural resources.

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