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Cylinder Cisterns

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Rainwater Harvesting Tanks – Also referred to as Rain Collection Tanks, Rainwater Storage Tanks and Cisterns, are manufactured in these sizes: 250, 500, 1000, 1150, 1500, 2500 gallon and lots of colors!

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks come standard with all the fittings you need to start properly collecting the rain. These cistern tanks come standard with a stainless steel mesh strainer basket installed on the top of the tank. The strainer basket or Tank Screen is the entry point of the rainwater tank and keeps your rainwater tank free of mosquitoes. Also included are the stainless steel mesh screened overflow assembly, a drain bulkhead fitting near the bottom and a 3/4″ bulkhead fitting for a water hose spigot higher up on the tank.


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